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Facts are rarely appealing. Stories are.

What is the point of creating knowledge if you are unable to share it? Most experts know how to give an objective and rigorous presentation, but only a few speak about their work with compelling and engaging stories. I lead workshops to help experts transform their knowledge into impactful talks.

SamSpeaksScience emerged from the aggregation of many interests. Having published a number of influential articles in the field of neuroscience, I also perform improvised comedy and explore the interface between art and science. My insights on how to face and engage an audience reflects my love for science, teaching and the performing arts.

Individuals, companies and institutions active in the fields of hard sciences, technology, humanities and business harness my expertise, my energy and my commitment to meet their needs and objectives.

Dr Samuel Lagier, from SamSpeaksScience

Dr Samuel Lagier, from SamSpeaksScience



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What I do

Keynote lectures

You want to know more about presentation skills? I can condense my message in a keynote lecture for your organisation. Learn more.


You want to organise a workshop for your institution? My interactive, participative and experiential workshops will bring the participants' talks to the next level. Learn more.


Prepare for a job talk, a regular lab meeting, a keynote lecture, a pitch for a networking event with one-on-one sessions with a specialist. Learn more.


You are looking for a moderator for your event? I have experience hosting large scale events, facilitating sessions with experts and for general audiences. Learn more.

People say

Sam has these great qualities that one looks for in a public speaking coach - calm & confidence. He will bring out the best in you and has a capacity to make you believe in yourself and visualise yourself on the stage.
— Alisée de Tonnac, CEO and co-founder, Seedstars World
Sam analyzed and impacted positively every aspect of my presentation, from the logical flow of the content, to the vital streamlining of key messages, to my voice and body language. A truly eye-opening experience.
— Dr. Adrian Kantian, recipient of an ERC starting grant

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Hosts Dr Sam Lagier and Dr Adria Le Boeuf with the TEDxLausanne2014 team

Hosts Dr Sam Lagier and Dr Adria Le Boeuf with the TEDxLausanne2014 team


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