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When a speaker fails to onboard an audience, knowledge is not shared efficiently, and both speaker and audience waste their time. By learning to tell attractive stories and learning to enjoy to share their work - rather than dreading it - experts will do a service to themselves, to their community and gain skills that are valuable way beyond their current work environment. Whether you need a training for yourself or want to organise a workshop or a lecture for your company or organisation, I have something for you. If you can't find the information you need below, contact me.




My interactive, participative and experiential workshops provide a platform for participants to practice and to learn from each other. Depending on their needs, I can focus the workshop on the structure of the content, on the delivery or on the visual support of the presentations. Whenever possible, I give an opportunity to all participants to practice their talk either in front of the other attendees or in front of a camera. Participants get personalised feedback to minimise their flaws and capitalise on their strengths.

The minimum duration for a workshop is 2hr and can be extended to multiple days. The ideal number of participants depends on the length of the workshop, but 12 attendees is a comfortable average. Contact me for a quote.



Keynote lectures

Presentation skills are useful to pretty much everybody. I have specialised in working with scientists but my knowledge is valuable to any organisations. I tailor my lectures to your needs and can focus on the art of pitching, data visualisation, body language, framing your talk... Because of my extended knowledge of academia and my expertise in improvised comedy, I have worked on a series of talks that might sound unconventional but are highly valuable for and appreciated by researchers: 'Emotions in Science', 'Science and Improv' and 'Storytelling in Science'.

The rates for keynote lectures are variable and depend on a number of parameters (duration, audience size, type of event...). Contact me for a quote.




You have a presentation coming up that you don't want to mess up? You want to maximise your time investment? I recommend a minimum of 2 sessions to have you ready for your talk. The coaching can focus on any aspect of the presentation, from combatting stage fright to structuring the content to maximise its impact, from mastering your voice to designing your slides. I can adapt to your schedule and either travel to you or offer coaching online, if this is a better option for you.

The price of a coaching session varies with your level of expertise and the level of excellence you want to reach. Let's start the discussion to identify your needs.




You are organising an event, a conference or a debate and you are looking for a host or a facilitator? I am a scientist and an improviser, so you could not find a better match. I am thorough and flexible, a great listener and quick to react. I am at ease on stage and ready to make your speakers shine. Enquire here about prices.